Are you a business marketing wimp? There are many ways to be a business wimp, but today, we are going to talk about the call to action. If you are advertising without a call to action, then you are what Zig Ziglar calls “professional visitors.” Unless you are asking for the order, you are just visiting someone’s mailbox, inbox, telephone, or TV. And if you are just visiting, th...
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Is your store’s advertising like the movie Groundhog Day?

Illustration of a groundhog presenting with his hands
Last week I was working with a new client.  It’s a family owned business, and they have two locations about 50 miles apart.  Together the two stores do about 20K per week.  With all the employees (many of whom are family members), there isn’t much at the end of the month. When it comes to advertising they’re spending about 7% of sales.  The trouble is that they spend it in t...
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So how do you treat high-roller customers in your store?

Photo of slot machines close-up in Las-Vegas Nevada
If you're not familiar with the term "high-roller" here's what it means... A high-roller is someone out in Las Vegas with a reputation of spending BIG. Consequently this person is treated with the utmost respect by the casinos. With that respect comes a variety of perks and comps like covering air flight costs to and from Las Vegas, free rooms, and free money to gamble...
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How to get the “Rich Retailers Marketing System”

Here's what I can do for you: Grow sales Increase profits Make running your business easier Yes, I know those are big promises. I was in retail for close to two decades (with 5 stores) before I started doing what I do now. You get a lot of folks promising you the “moon & stars” but delivering “diddley pooh”insteand. And how am I going to do what I’m promising?...
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7 proven strategies to help you compete against the large chains

Thumb Up Gesture (editable vector). In the gallery also available XXL jpeg image made from this vector
Certainly competing against the well-financed chain stores is a big problem. Not only do they have deeper pockets, they buy at a deeper discount because they’re buying more and buying deeper and they’re getting more co-op dollars on top of everything else. In other words they have advantages that you don’t. The question I’m often asked is, “Mike, I don’t just want to comp...
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Are you guilty of doing next day advertising in your store?

Person gets nowhere running in a hamster mouse or rat cage wheel treadmill
Recently I was on the phone with a retailer, and he suddenly says, "Well I've got to go, my advertising rep just walked through the door and I need to figure out what I'm going to advertise this week" and with that he was gone. I would like to say this is a relatively rare occurrence- a retailer not knowing what they're going to with their advertising until the advertising r...
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How to grow your retail store for only $1.83

Personal development personal and career finished growth success progress motivation and potential concepts. Coach (human resources officer supervisor) helps employee with his growth.
Hey, it's like this I started out in retail myself. We opened our first store in 1985. I know what a struggle it is to not only keep your business afloat but to structure it in a way so that it gives you everything you've ever wanted. Financial freedom. Control over your future. Building something you and your family can be proud of. I also know how lonely it is. Employees c...
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So what happens AFTER a perspective customer looks at one of your ads?

Well back in 1990 what they did if they were interested in what we were offering they either call or stop in within a day or two and check things out. Fast-forward to today, and customers don't follow the same path... I've read numerous studies; I've read what people post on forums or on Facebook on how they go about making their buying decisions today and if you think ...
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How to get other stores customers

Butterfly net for catching butterflies with a bamboo handle
This isn’t a topic for the squeamish. It’s bound to make a few uneasy. Many put it out of their minds or simply neglect the fact that retail is a zero-sum game. For one to win, someone will have to lose. I’ve been on both sides. I’ve been on the losing side and I’ve been on the winning side. And while it’s much better to be on the winning side (of course), the most valuable ...
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Don’t judge your advertising like it’s a work of art…

Paris France - May 13 2015: Leonardo DaVinci's "Mona Lisa" at the Louvre Museum May 13 2015 in Paris France. The painting is one of the world's most famous.
Several months ago I put together a phone book ad for a client (yes, there is still a group of consumers that use the phone book). Anyway I looked at all the competitor’s ads and came up a strong design.   The design was a real eye-catcher which is #1 goal of an ad, especially a phone book ad, where you’re going toe to toe with several competitors. I showed it to the client ...
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