How to get other stores customers

This isn’t a topic for the squeamish. It’s bound to make a few uneasy. Many put it out of their minds or simply neglect the fact that retail is a zero-sum game. For one to win, someone will have to lose.

I’ve been on both sides. I’ve been on the losing side and I’ve been on the winning side. And while it’s much better to be on the winning side (of course), the most valuable business lessons I learned were while on the losing side.

Losing made me look for the “holes” in my thinking when it came to business growth and marketing.

At the moment your store may be on the losing side. And it sucks. I’ve been there. It’s painful and it’s frustrating. But the good news is that you’re probably more open to different (and better) marketing ideas than you would be if you were winning.

Your store may be neither winning nor losing. You feel successful, but you still could be doing better. This is a dangerous position to be in because you feel more secure than what the reality dictates.

I know there’s some winners that read this also. You’re feeling really good about your store’s position in the market. And yes there are some accolades that need to be handed out, however keep in mind I’ve yet to find the “perfect” store. There are always weaknesses. Weaknesses that a smart and motivated competitor can take advantage of.

Let me steer this back to the subject line on how to get other store’s customers.

Say you’re on the losing end right now… how to gain market share?

First you have to be honest on your strengths and weaknesses. And you have to know the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. This takes honesty. Some may not want to reach this level of honesty because it can be painful to acknowledge, but to take market share from a stronger competitor it’s an essential step.

Once you sort out what you and your competitors are weak and strong at, you can start implementing changings in your systems and your marketing so that you can begin implementing positive change in your business while at the same time taking what your competitors are giving you through weaknesses in their own marketing systems– and as I previously stated, every store/chain has weaknesses that a you can exploit.

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