How to get the “Rich Retailers Marketing System”

Here’s what I can do for you:

  1. Grow sales
  2. Increase profits
  3. Make running your business easier

Yes, I know those are big promises. I was in retail for close to two decades (with 5 stores) before I started doing what I do now. You get a lot of folks promising you the “moon & stars” but delivering “diddley pooh”insteand.

And how am I going to do what I’m promising?

Here’s how…

I’ll review all the marketing you’re doing now
I’ll review your advertising budget
I’ll review sales, SKU lineup and traffic tracking
I’ll suggest additional advertising methods that other retailers are having success with
I’ll help put together individual promotions
I’ll help put together your marketing calendar
I’ll help put in place a customer retention program
I’ll review your online marketing, such as:
-Your website
-Any social media that you’re doing
-Where your business is at in the way of online reputation
I’ll review ads and will suggest changes to boost response
I’ll review sales procedures and training
I’ll do a market analysis– looking for weak spots you can take advantage of

I’ll not only give you marketing expertise but I’ll help with those marketing & sales tasks you do not have time to deal with currently.

And the cost to do this?

$297 per month, with NO long term contract, NO long-term commitment. We will work together for as long as you want and when you reach the point of no longer needing my help, then that’s it.

And to make it even easier to get started, the charge for the first month is ONLY $97. Yes I’ll give you a $200 discount on the first 30 days of my help. IN ADDITION I’M GOING TO GIVE YOU A FULL 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

If after 60 days you’ve worked with me and you’re not happy with the value I’ve given, I’ll refund every cent you’ve paid up to that point.

That’s right every cent.

I’ve made this totally risk-free to you, because I 100% believe I will make a positive difference to you and your business.

But really for the cost of the program, even after the first month, it will take little additional sales to cover the cost… And I guarantee you that I’ll either save you enough (by identifying ways to save on the advertising you’re doing now or the way you’re advertising now) or make you enough to cover my cost– With everything up & beyond that amount basically “found money” for you and your business. There is no risk for you. The 4th quarter is almost here and now is the time to start planning to get 2016 off on the right foot.

I’m ready to get started.

Give me a call at 1-716-373-0983 or drop me an email at

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