Frequently Asked Questions

Question: “I admit that my business has stagnated the last few years with weak sales growth.  How do I know that using your services is the right direction for me?”

Answer: I understand the skepticism.  There are lots of folks out there that promise the moon & the stars and then don’t deliver.  And why don’t they deliver?  Virtually all the time it’s because they don’t know what they’re doing.  Mike Winicki, the President of Big Noise Marketing has is one of the few marketing gurus out there who’s actually walked the walk.  He’s had his own retail stores.  He’s written books.  He’s worked with over 2,000 business owners in his career.  He knows what he’s doing. He knows what works and what doesn’t.  In addition there are no long term commitments.  If at any time you’re not happy, you simply say, enough is enough and you do not owe one penny more.

Question:  “Are you simply going to tell me to run more advertising?  Won’t that be costly?”

Answer: Nope.  I don’t believe in running more advertising.  I believe in make the money you’re currently spending on advertising work that much harder for you.  I have a system that has proven itself time after time as being more dependable and more efficient when it comes to advertising.

Question: “Can you give me a hint on what your system involves and how is it different from what I’m already doing?”

Answer: You bet! Most retailers are nothing more than “product pushers”.  I have proven repeatedly that selling solutions works so much better.  When you sell by “pushing products” you compete on price, when you sell solutions, your customer base is not just buying your product, but also your expertise.   Most retailers rely on “Product, Picture, Price” advertising.  No me, because I know when you advertise like that you’re going to get the worst kind of customer to deal with– the price shopper who try beating you down for every last bit of profit you’re making.   That’s doesn’t make business fun.

Question: “So what are you exactly going to do for me?”

Answer: There’s a whole list of things we’re going to do for you on a monthly basis:

  • First off we’re going to provide fresh and unique marketing ideas to you every month.
  • Second we’re going to provide a sounding board for you when it comes to establishing an advertising budget. We’ll share with you what other successful retailers are doing.
  • We’ll help you integrate marketing plans into a total store experience.
  • We’ll provide a complete integrated plan on how to generate new customers for your business.
  • We’ll provide a complete plan on how to get your existing customers to not only buy from you more often but become CHAMPIONS for your business.
  • We’ll help you integrate offline and online marketing strategies into one powerful campaign.

Question: “I’m lost when it comes to Internet marketing.  I’m not sure what works and what doesn’t.  I don’t have thousands of dollars to waste on the Internet”.

Answer: Marketing on the Internet doesn’t need to be expensive.  There are many low-cost tools available to us that will drive qualified traffic to your store.

Question: How fast will it be before I notice a change in the amount of store traffic?

Answer: Most retailers we work with start seeing a positive change in their traffic within the first 30 days.  And over time that traffic will continue to grow, and grow and grow!

Question: How do I know that you’re not providing the same marketing help to my competitors?

Answer: We ONLY work with one retailer per territory.  And once we have a working relationship with a business we no longer accept applications from competing merchants.

Question: It sounds costly to work with you.

Answer: Definitely NOT!  It’s less than what you would pay per month for a part-time minimum wage employee.  The return on investment that you’re going to experience will be business changing.

Question: Sounds great!  How do we get started!

Answer: Simply fill our this short questionnaire and we’ll be in touch.