So how do you treat high-roller customers in your store?

If you’re not familiar with the term “high-roller” here’s what it means…

A high-roller is someone out in Las Vegas with a reputation of spending BIG. Consequently this person is treated with the utmost respect by the casinos. With that respect comes a variety of perks and comps like covering air flight costs to and from Las Vegas, free rooms, and free money to gamble.

You see the folks in Las Vegas know that yes while they’re spending a lot of money in order to keep a high-roller, they’re going to get back far more than what they’ve spent.

And make no mistake the high-roller knows they’re a high-roller and loves the attention and special services they get that others don’t.

Las Vegas clearly differentiates between a typical gambler and the person who’s likely to spend a lot more money with them in the future.

Most retail stores would greatly benefit from following Las Vegas’ example…

Most furniture and bedding stores treat one customer just like another. Obviously if you have two brand new customers that come in your store today to buy, you initially have no idea on who’s the high-roller and who isn’t.

But what if one customer spends $269 for a recliner and the other spends $3,500 replacing all the furniture in just her living room… going forward how do you treat them- do you treat them the same or different? Or should I say market to one as opposed to the other?

Certainly everyone knows you want customers to be repeat customers at the very worst, and you hope for a percentage of them to become “high-rollers”. The challenge is having a system in place that identifies the “high-rollers” in your database of customers and making them feel like the high-rollers they are.

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