What Others Are Saying…

“I admit my furniture store was on the ropes.  The last 10 years have been blah.  I simply couldn’t break out of our marketing rut.  We were doing the same thing week after week.  We would put out a laundry list of products and end up competing with everyone else on price.  Mike and his crew at Big Noise Marketing was like a breath of fresh air.  He totally retooled the way we sell our products.  I couldn’t recommend them more.”  –Roger Phillips, ABC Furniture

“Being at the store 65 hours a week was killing me and the relationship with my wife and kids.  Owning and managing a furniture store was no longer fun.  And even though I was putting in tons of hours, the store wasn’t making a lot of money.  The longer I worked the worse the results.  A friend who owned a store outside the area said, ‘Hey, check out Big Noise Marketing’ they’ve got a complete marketing plan that may make sense for you.’ I took the advice and they’ve been helping us ever since.  I’ve not only shaved a good 20 hours week off my work schedule, I’m making more money and I’m enjoying all my free time with my family.  I greatly recommend Mike Winicki and Big Noise Marketing”.  Terry Anderson, Affordable Furniture

“When it came to Internet Marketing we were lost quite frankly.  While other stores are successfully using the net to drive sales– we got nothing.  Big Noise Marketing changed all that and put in a process that allowed us to monetize traffic from social marketing sites.  That one change by itself (and Big Noise brought many positive changes) made a positive in our bottom line by thousands of dollars per month.” –Cindy Collins, Amish Furniture

“We were product pushers.  We competed strictly by price.  And it cost us a lot!  By doing that we attracted the absolute worst customers.  It was just brutal.  Those customers would try to beat us down for every last nickel of profit.  And even worse was that those customers had an awful repeat history.  We only saw a small percentage of them come back and buy again.  We know they were out there buying from whom ever had the lowest price, and if it wasn’t us, then we didn’t get the sale.  Mike gave us a brand new marketing direction and with that new direction came a big boost to our bottom line.” – Phillip Evans, Furniture Warehouse

“We ran out of fresh advertising ideas like a decade ago.  My gosh we were getting stale.   We fell into the rut of the ‘sale of the week’ promising financing until the end of time.  Obviously after a while customers figured us out and we heard jokes about our constant sales.  Mike and staff gave us a brand new road-map to our store goals.  Quite frankly the stuff they come up with is not only more profitable than what we were doing before but the customers love the theme.  It’s a win all the way around.”  – Laurie Anderson, Village Furniture

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