How to grow your retail store for only $1.83

Hey, it’s like this I started out in retail myself. We opened our first store in 1985. I know what a struggle it is to not only keep your business afloat but to structure it in a way so that it gives you everything you’ve ever wanted. Financial freedom. Control over your future. Building something you and your family can be proud of.

I also know how lonely it is. Employees can be like family to you but they don’t understand the pressure you’re under. Your family can see how business downturns affect you. Your supplies try to provide some support but you know they have ulterior motives.

Here’s your chance to get that helping hand.

And it’s a helping hand from someone who knows what you’re going through…
A helping hand that shows you:

  • How to hire and train a superstar staff.
  • Two ways to get people to flock to your furniture store that cost you nothing.
  • How to double the profits on your existing customers.
  • Proven advertising that pays its own way that brings especially good, new customers into your store.
  • How to get free publicity for your furniture store in the local media.
  • How to avoid price competition all together.
  • How not to make the big mistake that costs furniture store owners thousands of dollars per year.
  • How to find out who your best customers are and get more just like them.
  • How to get your customers to refer your store to their friends and business associates.
  • Why boring, traditional advertising is a waste, how to avoid using it forever and how to quit becoming the prey of advertising reps.

And all this and more can be found in my Rich Retailers Newsletter.

Each newsletter contains page after page of money-making and money-saving information for furniture retailers like you.

“Trying to get real advertising and marketing help in this business is like pulling teeth.  Suppliers aren’t selling to end users so they don’t understand the challenge.  Advertising media just want your money.  The Rich Retailers Newsletter gives me the help I can’t from anyone from anyone else”
-Roger Wilson, “Downtown Furniture”

“I can’t believe how much useful information is in each issue.  A lot of mail I’ll just let sit in a pile on my desk.  But not the Rich Retailers Newsletter.  That gets opened immediately and is usually read twice… sometimes 3 times.  This is THE newsletter for any smart furniture retailer.”
-Jim Saunders, “Furniture Warehouse”

And here’s the best part…You can try the Rich Retailers Newsletter for free! You’ll receive the first two issues for only the cost of mailing the newsletter to you… $1.83  That’s right you’ll receive the first two issues for only $1.83 each.After that the cost is only $19.95 per month plus the $1.83 in mailing costs.

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Mike Winicki

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