How to get the “Rich Retailers Marketing System” for your store…

Why are you reading this? Hopefully, for at least one of the five very important and brutally honest reasons below:

  1. You are unhappy with the money you get to take home from your retail business.
  2. You would be thrilled to do less work, especially less hard work and make more money.
  3. You’re very disappointed with how few sales are generated from your current advertising.
  4. You do an outstanding job of operating your retail business but you know you lack the experience to properly market it.
  5. You’re sick and tired of dealing with ad reps who don’t have your best interest at heart– all they seemingly want to do is take your money and could care less what kind of results they get for you.

If you know in your heart that you should be making more money, I’ve got the PROVEN system you’ve been waiting for that can blow the lid off your income almost overnight.

How to get more really good customers in a month than you use to get all year! With half the effort and for twice the profit.


Dear Friend and Furniture Retailer:

Turn Your Retail Business Into A Massive Money Machine!

Hi, this is Mike Winicki.  This is your moneymaking wake-up call from me! Please take a few minutes to read this very important report. It will change your life.

I’ve been involved in some kind of retail business over the past 25+ years. It took me several years to shed the “baggage” I learned from well-meaning folks in the retail industry who tried to impress upon me on how a retail business was supposed to be managed and marketed.

Along the way I stumbled and bumbled my way into finding the real keys of achieving retail success. It took me a long time and a lot of trial and error to learn the success secrets I’m going to share with you today.

I’ve written a book on marketing (with another on the way)… I’ve consulted with over 2,000 businesses in my career. I’ve been a featured author at and I’ve had successful retail businesses.

If you would like to dramatically increase your retail business’s profits then reading this report will be very important to you. Read it from beginning to end.  It may be the most important thing you’ve read in a long, long time.

Maybe you’re not much of a reader; well this report is so important that you simply must read it. Get yourself a cup of coffee or favorite beverage, take the phone off the hook, shut the door and eliminate any possible distraction for the next few minutes. Whatever you do you have to give this your full and undivided attention.

Have you ever said this to yourself or your significant other?

“Our business is great! If I could only get more people to try us once, I know they would keep coming back.”

You know what? I understand exactly how you feel. I know the frustration first hand. I experienced it myself in our first retail business back in the 1980’s. I’ve walked in your shoes.

You carry good products that represent good value. You stand behind your goods. You run a tight ship and watch expenses. However, if attention to all these details were all that was needed to get rich in retail you would be rolling in dough. But,

Secret #1: Being Good Is Not Good Enough

Don’t fall for the line that “If you sell good quality products for a fair price people will beat a path to your door”. Yeah right. In today’s hectic and highly competitive retail environment nobody is beating a path to anyone’s door.   And here’s another secret, even many of the best operated retail businesses in this country are not make any money. And here’s why:

Even the best retail business will struggle and eventually fold if they do not have a system in place to get more customers through the door

Like it or not, making bid money in retail isn’t about selling the best products or having the best service. It’s all about the marketing of your retail business.

I know this shouldn’t be true. But the fact is that it is. You can fight it and end up battling with other retailers in your niche for a few measly crumbs or you can break from the pack with the help I’m offering you to set the pace… To gain a huge competitive edge.

But right now you may be frustrated…

It’s not enough that the local, state and federal governments are always there with their hands out.   But then they stay awake at night trying to think up more regulations and taxes to saddle you with. Sometimes it feels like the only reason to be in business is to pay taxes and to give other folks jobs.

But you can’t let these things consume all of your time, energy and creativity, because you will go out of business if you dwell on them.

My information is all about helping the #1 person in your business… YOU… get the rewards you deserve for all the risks you’ve taken to get where you are.

I’m here to make sure you get the payday you deserve

And I’m Going To Start By Sharing The 4 Ways To Grow A Business

The question is how do you grow your bottom line by 5% a year?

How would you go about doing it? Advertising more? Staying open longer hours? Carrying a more expensive line of products?

The trouble with all those is that it’s going to drive up your expenses. You’ll have to spend more to make more– Probably not what you want to hear or do.

Hey, I understand that.

What we to do is help you increase your bottom line by a lot MORE than 10% a year without spending more money.

Impossible? Not hardly.

We simply on each of the ways to possibly grow your business… And how to do it without you spending more money than you are now!

Here are the four ways to grow a business…

  1. Get more customers (pretty obvious huh?)
  2. Get your customers to buy more often (again a no-brainer but easier said than done unless some special marketing tools are put into place)
  3. Get your customers to buy in larger quantities when they do buy or buy more stuff when they do buy– this is how we handle the in store sales process, which I’m going to help you with
  4. Get your customers to get other customers for you– this is virtually ignored by almost every retailers. “Word of mouth” is what many retailers hope happens when it comes to getting current customers to bring in new customers– We can do better!

You want a magic formula to achieve huge profits in your business?

Let me show you how…

Say we grow just one area of your business, say #1, I help you get more customers (and again not by asking you to spend any more money on marketing than what you’re currently spending), but by marketing and advertising better and more efficiently.

Say we increase the number of new customers by 10% and that increases your bottom line by 5%. That’s a nice increase huh?

Now let’s say we get customers to come into your business and spend money every 100 days instead of every 180 days? And let’s say we get customers to spend $30 more on an average purchase than what they did previously? And finally let’s say we put in a dynamite referral program that gets your loyal customers to become “champions” for your business and the amount of new customers you get from referrals blows the doors off of what you were getting previously?

This is how you can double the amount of profit your business generates as compared to right now.

And it’s all done through a carefully scripted plan that has worked for other businesses, many just like yours, time after time after time.

The new customer chase…

Previously I mentioned the 4 ways to grow a business:

  1. Get more customers.
  2. Get your customers to buy more often.
  3. Get your customers to buy in larger quantities when they do buy or buy more stuff when they do buy.
  4. Get your customers to get other customers for you.

Two of the four ways deals with the getting of new customers, so obviously the getting of new customers is important. I’m mean like “duh” what retailer doesn’t know that getting new customers is critical?

The problem is that we short-change our businesses by being so intently focused on acquiring new customers at the cost of almost ignoring our existing customers– which is something we all do as retailers.

Heck when we started our first retail business I can tell you that virtually every minute of the day was spent on “How do I get more new customers to walk through the door?” It was an obsession for me, as it is for many of us in the retail trade.

There is no such thing as blind customer loyalty

Not today. Not anymore. There may have been back in the 70’s and before but not anymore. I can remember my parents always going to the same restaurants to eat… Driving many miles, by-passing many other restaurants along the way to eat at certain places. Not because these places had better food or that they were less expensive, but simply because my parents had a sense of loyalty to the people that owned those restaurants.

You simply do not find that type of loyalty today.

And you need to adapt to it because even though they aren’t “blindly loyal” your old customers are still what’s going to make or break the profitability of your business– but you have to treat them right!

Most of us have heard the statistics that it’s less expensive for us to get an old customer to buy from us than it is a new customer.   Like I say, we’ve heard that repeatedly over the years.

During the first part of my retail career I had heard that from industry magazines and such, but it never struck home with me because I couldn’t measure it.   It was always just another marketing statement to me that I couldn’t quantify for my exact circumstance so I kept it in the back of my mind and did little else with it.

But then in the late 1990’s I went to work with for an Inc. 500 catalog company as a Marketing Specialist.

I’ll tell you that was a huge eye-opener for me.

Catalog and mail order companies base everything on numbers. Everything is measured. And it has to be because if they don’t keep track of everything they can quickly lose touch of what’s working for them and what isn’t.

And it was this catalog company that taught me how much it really cost to acquire a new customer as opposed to re-selling an existing customer.

When I first started to study the numbers (numbers that I would receive on a regular basis) I was stunned at the cost difference…

It was 5X more expensive to get a new customer to buy than it was to get an old customer to buy again!  The numbers proved it! 

The bottom line is that it’s always much cheaper to sell stuff to folks you’ve already sold stuff too

So why do we keep focusing on new customers at the expense of old customers? Two reasons…

  1. We as retailers do not do a good job of tracking the numbers so we don’t realize the big advantage of spending more of our marketing dollars on staying in contact with our existing customers.
  2. We understand how to market to new customers… place a newspaper ad. Do some radio advertising. Do a TV commercial. In other words all the types of marketing and advertising that we normally do.   But when it comes to marketing to existing customers, our choices on how to stay in touch with those folks is narrower… Pretty much just email and regular mail. And we as retailers aren’t good about getting the email addresses of customers and outside of special sales we don’t do regular mail due to the cost and complexity.

Let me say based on all the information I just shared with you, I have a system that in place that I’ve refined over the past 25 years to keep your customers your customers… So they come back and buy from you time after time.

Getting New Customers Today!

Now that I’ve hammered on you about the importance of reselling to your old customers, I’m going to talk about what it takes to get new customers in today’s tough retail environment.

The bad news is that the choices consumers have of where to spend their money has never been greater. And it’s not just competitors you have to worry about but the maddening frustration of seeing a potential customer slip away (with their money) and buy something totally unrelated just because it momentarily caught their attention on the Internet.

The good news is that most of your competitors along with most businesses in general don’t have a clue on how to market their businesses properly– And this is where I’m going to give you a big helping hand.

One of the real unfortunate parts of retailing is that it’s not easy to get help when it comes to creating advertising that sells.

I remember when we started our first retail business back in 1986. Here we were with a brand new retail business and didn’t have a clue on how to attract new customers.

There was no marketing and advertising expert there to guide us. We were left with three options when it came to learning how to market and advertise our business…

  1. Our suppliers. Back in 1986 we were dealing with distributors for the most part. This was before the manufacturers started squeezing out the distributors to gain more profit margin.
  2. Our competitors. I think it’s only natural to look at how your competitors are advertising and copy them.
  3. The folks selling us advertising space. We assumed the ad reps had the knowledge to help us place ads that created sales.

I’ve talked to hundreds of retailers over the years and time and time again those other retailers have repeated the same story– they learned how to advertise through their suppliers, their competitors and their ad reps.

Like the old story goes “If I knew then what I know now!”

I cringe when I think of the tens of thousands of dollars that we wasted on advertising back then. Advertising we created based on the “help” of those three options. Here’s why it’s dangerous to rely on any of those options to create the best pulling ads for your business.

You know how you can use a lever to move a large rock… much larger than what you could move by simply trying to pick it up.

A lever gives us leverage.   And with proper leverage you can accomplish things that aren’t normally possible.

When it comes right down to it there are few things we can do in retailing that can give us leverage to do great things.

Yeah, a good employee is better than a bad employee. A good employee is going to create more income for you and will create fewer problems. But there’s a limit on how much more a good employee is going to give you over an average employee.

No question a good location is going to offer more potential than a bad one. But you’re going to pay a lot more for a higher traffic location and at some point you get diminishing returns.

Your product line can be a leverage point IF it truly gives you an advantage. The challenge is that quite often competitors have the same product lines.

When it comes right down to it advertising is maybe the ONLY true point of leverage you can have for your business

It’s like this, say you spend $500 and place an advertisement in the local paper…

There are no “rules” on the return you can get on your advertising dollars.   There’s no one that says if you spend $500 on an ad that you’re guaranteed $1,000 worth of sales… or $200 worth of sales or $5,000 worth of sales…

It doesn’t work that way. You create the ad, it gets placed and you may do well with it– or you may not. You may not get $0 worth of sales out of it. And for many retailers that’s the case. Investing hundreds if not thousands of dollars in advertising and getting little or nothing out of it.

Eventually many retailers stop advertising all together or when they do advertise they place “business card” type ads that do little or nothing for them.

The retailer saves advertising money but ends up losing one of the few leverage points they truly have.

How could have this chain of events been avoided? How could the frustrated retailer end up winning the game of advertising instead of losing it?

It goes back to the three ways many retailers learn how to advertise their business:

  1. Their suppliers.
  2. Their competitors.
  3. Their advertising reps.

And here are the fatal flaws when trying to use any of these sources as a way to learn how to create profitable advertising…

Suppliers were never a good source of advertising help for us and apparently not for many other retailers. The problem is that suppliers have much bigger fish to fry than worry much about their accounts getting sell through. You would think they would have more of an interest but as long as their accounts are buying products from them they could care less.

Suppliers quite often have or had “co-op” programs where they would reimburse retailers for running ads for products being supplied by the supplier.  We had that arrangement with several of our suppliers. The challenge was those ads were usually not very effective and here’s why.

These supplier supplied ads usually passed through “group-effort” when created. Many times being put together by people that had less knowledge of advertising than the retailer.

And then the ads had to pass through the supplier’s legal department which meant the resulting ads lacked any “punch” what-so-ever. The results were ads that were destined to fail.

When we started our retail business we started out copying the ads of our competitors. We thought “Hey they’ve been in business a long time; they must know what they’re doing!”

Bad assumption on our part that cost us thousands of dollars.

We overlooked the fact that many retailers, even those that had been around for many years didn’t have any better idea on how to create powerful advertising than what we did… They had simply outlasted other competitors by luck, tenaciousness or whatever. But not because they knew how to market their business or create better ads than anyone else.

I see that in retail market after retail market. One retailer copies the advertising of another retailer who copies from another retailer… without questioning if the retailer you’re copying from knows what they’re doing (usually they don’t).

You would figure that advertising reps would know how to create powerful ads if anyone did. At least I thought that in 1986.

We placed a lot of faith in our advertising reps and we paid the price many times over for that mistake.

It comes down to the fact that ad reps are order takers and not much else. They poke their head in your door every week or two and ask, “Hey what are you running this week?” You either give them an ad or you tell them to come back in a week or two. I know the routine well.

I can tell you newspapers are one of the worst places to get advertising help and here’s why, but first here’s an insider’s secret on how to create a powerful advertisement…

Powerful advertising starts with the sale copy or the words you use within your ad and the order that you use them. But make no mistake the choice of words is critical. This is why professional copywriters are expensive, it’s because they’re wordsmiths who understand the written word is the key to money-making advertising. It’s not about graphic design or how the ad is laid out– it’s all about the words and they’re used.

But you see newspapers don’t hire copywriters. They hire graphic artists. They hire people that can lay-out an ad but they don’t have anyone on staff that can write it, and that’s why most of the ads they create for you fail miserably.

It was only after several years managing a struggling retail store that I decided there had to be a better way of advertising.

There had to be a better way of creating advertisements that worked.

I then spent several years studying the masters of copywriting. The men that had figured out how to sell through the power of words.

For the most part these weren’t people that did copywriting for retailers– most of them did copywriting for mail order companies or catalog companies or infomercial companies. Generally speaking these experts were crafting a sales message to prospects that wouldn’t be able to touch or feel what they were buying. No, these prospects were turned into customers through the power of words.

I thought to myself, “Heck if a good copywriter can get someone from across the country to buy a watch or knife or a dietary supplement, sight unseen, then how much better could I do using the same principles to sell a product that a prospect CAN come in and see, touch and feel?”

I found out very quickly that my hunch was right. Immediately my advertising results improved 300-400%.   And those numbers increased even more as I gained more and more experience.

It was at that point that I started doing some consulting work on the side for other businesses… retailers being one of them. It started becoming overwhelming trying to do that and manage a retail business so I gave up that retail business and did face to face consulting and held local seminars for business owners.

In 1999 I went to work as a Marketing Specialist for an Inc. 500 catalog company. I picked up other ways that retail businesses could ‘mimic’ successful catalog and mail order companies to achieve even greater profits.

In 2004 I started another retail company, which was immediately successful using a combination of “old-school” marketing techniques and those found in the Internet world.

In 2005 I wrote my first book on how to succeed with better marketing and advertising.

And today you’re getting the opportunity to increase the profits from your business substantially–Without any more effort on your part.

Getting an extra $100,000 a year in profits or an extra $150,000 or even $200,000 doesn’t have to come from working harder and having to put in more time and effort.

All that extra profit will come from applying new techniques and nuances to what you’re already doing.

And by working with me, I’m going to help you do the following 3 things:

Spend Less!

  1. Stop wasting money on advertising that doesn’t work. Stop buying every new marketing trick or whiz-bang Internet gimmick that comes your way. You don’t need them! What you do need is an open mind, a clear vision and a solid plan that works consistently, which we provide.
  2. Maximize your marketing investment by plugging the holes in your processes that are letting hundreds of thousands of dollars in traffic, sales and profit pour right out the bottom. Inspire your entire team to make the most out of every opportunity with our unique cause-based philosophy.
  3. Save money by investing only in what works and passing on what doesn’t—our dealers will give you the inside scoop and share their past experience, good or bad. You’ll be able to pick the brains of SMART dealers from across the country in our online discussion forum.
  4. Reduce the high cost of advertising by using our tried and true buying and negotiation methods that make your investment go farther.

Do Less!

  • Watch customers flock to you and away from your competition, begging for you to help them buy. When you transform your store from a traditional “product-pushing,” product and price mentality to our “trusted advisor,” customer and solution centric approach, selling becomes easy.
  • Stop wasting your time and energy coming up with advertising ideas every month. Use our scientifically proven, traffic-driving, ready-to-go creative campaigns each month to drive traffic to your store the “Big Noise Way.” Our campaigns are plug-and-play. That means the hard work has been done for you!
  • Drive more traffic both online and offline every month using our underground marketing strategies—spend time helping customers buy products instead of waiting for people to appear in the store.
  • Take more time off or find more time to be a leader by following our unorthodox productivity and time-management systems. What would you do with an extra 20 hours each week?

Make More!

  • Boost your floor traffic 26 percent to 95 percent NOW without spending a penny more in advertising and sell more automatically as a result, simply by swapping your current message for our proven campaigns.
  • Multiply your lead flow by as much as 8 times by implementing our simple Internet traffic conversion strategies. You’ll generate exclusive leads from your existing web site traffic.
  • Dominate your market and stand head and shoulders above your competition by using our trademarked branding strategy that erases consumer skepticism.
  • Watch your average gross profit per sale soar as you stop fighting over low price and start being a valuable trusted advisor in the buying process.

And here are the tools I’ll use to take your business to the next level:

Test Drive My Proven Rich Retailers Marketing System and Get All of the Following Benefits…

Rich Retailers Marketing Implementation System…


Training and ConsultingThis is my flagship, business-generating system that started it all.  Hundreds of retailers across the country have used this system to start growing their business… faster.  With access to the Rich Retailers Marketing Implementation System, not only will you see the core principles and strategies I’ve used to not only build my businesses but to amp up the sales of many other businesses– just like yours.  You’ll be able to implement this easy-to-follow, step-by-step system in your own retail business.  (It’s like installing a virtual ‘volume-knob’… want more business? It’s as simple as turning it up whenever you want)…


My Rich Retailers Marketing System comes with several key components including Audio CDs, Official Transcripts and Power Point presentations.  On top of that you’ll receive guidebooks, ad templates, and my own personal “Marketing Map”.



Value = $1,497.00

Plus… All of the Following BONUSES…

Receive two Advertising Critique Certificates– simply send me an ad and I’ll give a free critique and will offer suggestions on how to make your advertising better.

Value = $997

2+ Free Months Membership To My Exclusive Rich Retailers Coaching Program…

As a member of the Rich Retailers Coaching Program you’ll become a member of a group of dedicated retail store owners and managers all devoted to helping you accomplish one goal – to grow your business quickly and easily as possible.  You’ll be able to ask me any questions you have about anything.  You’ll join me on special training calls in addition you’ll receive lists of questions that others ask and the answers they are given.  You’ll also learn the results of successful sales events put on by other retailers.

Value = $994.00

Receive one Digital Marketing Critique Certificate– I’ll review all of your digital marketing… your website…  your Facebook page (if you have it)… your rankings on the search engines and any other digital marketing that you’re doing.

Value = $997

Monthly Rich Retailers Newsletter…

Every month you’ll receive my Rich Retailers newsletter, which contains articles specifically written to help you grow a bigger, more effective business even faster.  You’ll learn important secrets, strategies and resources, from me and other successful retailers.

Value = $600.00 annually

Receive one Sales Process Critique Certificate– I’ll review your entire sales process… from the language you use to the way upsells and cross-sells are done in your business.

Value = $497

Monthly CD Designed To Teach Key Marketing Strategies…

Each month I’ll also send you a CD hand-picked form me, designed to teach you something specific about a key area of growing your business– marketing strategies, and other helpful information.  Recordings of important calls and teleclasses, my presentations, important interviews, and more will help you as you work to grow your business and make it more profitable.

Value = $1,200.00 annually

Total Value = $6,782+
(Read On To See Why You Will Get This For Far Less)

“We were product pushers. We competed strictly by price. And it cost us a lot! By doing that we attracted the absolute worst customers. It was just brutal. Those customers would try to beat us down for every last nickel of profit. And even worse was that those customers had an awful repeat history. We only saw a small percentage of them come back and buy again. We know they were out there buying from whom ever had the lowest price, and if it wasn’t us, then we didn’t get the sale. Mike gave us a brand new marketing direction and with that new direction came a big boost to our bottom line.” – Phillip Evans, Furniture Warehouse

“We ran out of fresh advertising ideas like a decade ago. My gosh we were getting stale.   We fell into the rut of the ‘sale of the week’ promising financing until the end of time. Obviously after a while customers figured us out and we heard jokes about our constant sales. Mike and staff gave us a brand new road-map to our store goals. Quite frankly the stuff they come up with is not only more profitable than what we were doing before but the customers love the theme. It’s a win all the way around.” – Laurie Anderson, Village Furniture

The Questions Now Are…

  • What If I Could Make You My Next Success Story?
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It’s Time For You To Grow The Business You Deserve…
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An initial $997 and only $497 a month

An initial $97 for shipping and processing & 2 monthly installments of $297

Normally I charge an initial payment of $997 and $497 a month to be a member in the Rich Retailers Marketing Program.  However, since I’m making a big push to sign up more retailers, right now you can try the Rich Retailers Coaching Program for 2 months FREE when you decide to take a guaranteed test drive of my Rich Retailers Marketing Implementation System for only shipping and processing of $97 today followed by 2 monthly installments of $297, so…

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And the best part?

This is all guaranteed!

My Personal 365 Day 100% No Risk Guarantee

You’re in complete control and the ball is in your court.  If after 365 Days you haven’t grown the way you thought by following my easy to follow, step-by-step instructions outlined in the Rich Retailers Marketing Implementation System and being part of my Rich Retailers Coaching Program, I’ll refund every penny of your investment in the system (both $297 payments).. No hard feelings… No hassles…

Let’s Give You The Hugely Profitable Retail Business You Deserve!

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P.P.S Remember, you are completely covered by my 365 Day 100% No Risk Guarantee.  If after 365 Days you haven’t received the results you think you should after following the simple step-by-step instructions outlined in the Rich Retailers Marketing Implementation Program, I’ll gladly refund every payment of your investment in that program (both $297 payments).

P.P.P.S. I’m looking forward to you being by next success story and I look forward to working with you!

“I admit my furniture store was on the ropes. The last 10 years have been blah. I simply couldn’t break out of our marketing rut. We were doing the same thing week after week. We would put out a laundry list of products and end up competing with everyone else on price. Mike and his crew at Rich Retailers was like a breath of fresh air. He totally retooled the way we sell our products. I couldn’t recommend them more.” –Roger Phillips, ABC Furniture

“Being at the store 65 hours a week was killing me and the relationship with my wife and kids. Owning and managing a furniture store was no longer fun. And even though I was putting in tons of hours, the store wasn’t making a lot of money. The longer I worked the worse the results. A friend who owned a store outside the area said, ‘Hey, check out Rich Retailers’ they’ve got a complete marketing plan that may make sense for you.’ I took the advice and they’ve been helping us ever since. I’ve not only shaved a good 20 hours week off my work schedule, I’m making more money and I’m enjoying all my free time with my family. I greatly recommend Mike Winicki and Rich Retailers”. Terry Anderson, Affordable Furniture

“When it came to Internet Marketing we were lost quite frankly. While other stores are successfully using the net to drive sales– we got nothing. Rich Retailers changed all that and put in a process that allowed us to monetize traffic from social marketing sites. That one change by itself (and Big Noise brought many positive changes) made a positive in our bottom line by thousands of dollars per month.” –Cindy Collins, Amish Furniture

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